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Senate President Mike Thibodeau emerges from budget scuffle as unlikely peacemaker With winter approaching and orders coming from across New England, molding and assembling the shovels until well past midnight has become their norm. Thibodeau said the noisy monotony of the hulking molding machine and the repetitive nature of linking scoop and handle are relaxing compared with the stress of keeping government going. The simplicity of the process mirrors how Thibodeau likes a lot of things in life. His rides a 1969 Ski-Doo snowmobile in the winter. His political campaigning, both for himself and other Republicans, is done from behind the wheel of a red 1947 Mack truck he restored bolt by bolt. It gets 5 miles to the gallon, he said, pointing out the beautiful welding job that restored the rigs formerly corroded undercarriage. Itll pull a mountain over, but very slowly. Inside his factory, he has another relic: an ice cream machine powered by an antique John Deere hit-and-miss motor that was a familiar tool in farms and factories a century ago. He brings it to fairs and other charity events. So whats his favorite flavor?

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He admitted he was not over his depression but that he was monitoring himself closely and looking for warning signs. "It's an offensive thing to hear. Your back gets up and you go, 'What do you want me to do? Do you want access to my doctors? Do I need to produce a certificate? Do you want the medication? Do you want the whole box and dice?'," he said "I'd imagine that there's some people that share that point of view, I hope for their sake that no one close to them or within their family have to go through it if that's their mindset. "Cynical elements would say, 'How can you be back in a year?' I'm back working (but) I haven't got a handle on this completely at all by any stretch." Lyon acknowledged his relationship with Nicky Brownless caused a lot of pain to both his and the Brownless families. "It's important publicly that I apologise for the hurt and pain they've been through," he said. "If people think I've been blase about that and haven't recognised it or don't acknowledge it, then that would be wrong because that's been a really difficult thing for me. "It was hard to see them go through a lot of that and I am really regretful about that.